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    Pancretan Health Association

Location: Heraklion, Crete  | Date of establishment: 2002

Key Competences: “Real World Evidence” and translational research in autoimmune diseases

“Pancretan Health Association” aims to advance the well-being of patients with chronic autoimmune inflammatory diseases (CAIDs) by investing in clinical, basic and translational research. Amongst other initiatives we:

1. Organize patients’ registries of “real world evidence- RWE”, linked to biobanks of patients biospecimens, to better characterize the effects of novel therapies and advance the molecular knowledge of CAIDs.

2. Actively support basic, clinical and translational research to generate novel knowledge in the field of CAIDs. For that, we organize/participate in research consortia (national/international) aiming in novel therapeutic/diagnostic tools and advance personalized medicine. 

3. Organize scientific and educational initiatives to advance the education of professionals caring of patients with CAIDs.

4. Support the recruitment and infrastructure of clinical or research facilities contributing to the care/research of CAIDs.

We generate income by: 1. Organizing national/international scientific meetings. 2. Pursuing cutting-edge research supported by pharma-industry. 3. Collaborating within research consortia supported by national/international research programs. 4. Providing data analysis of RWE.

In the field of “digital health”, together with the “Center for eHealth Applications and Services” at FORTH-ICS we have set-up (2004) the “University of Crete Rheumatology Clinic Registry” (UCRCR).  It is a productive tool of RWE focused in autoimmune diseases of high financial and societal burden: rheumatoid arthritis, spondylarthrotpathies (including psoriatic arthritis) and systemic lupus erythematosus. Till April 2024, 2.813 patients were registered with a total follow-up of 16.732 patients/years. We have established collaborations with 3 international registries. 

The field of RWE is continuously increasing! It is estimated that the global RWE market will expand from 17.91 (2024) to 48.02 (2032) B dollars (CAGR of 13.1%). Our solution of UCRCR may generate income by both providing with RWE for analysis by pharma-industry or by providing the platform for data register and analysis of various users (research organizations, pharma industry, insurance organizations). 


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