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We are a regional leader in executing large-scale ICT solutions for government and industry alike. iKnowHow was founded in 2004 and in 2016 merged with Innora, an award-winning robotics firm, to form IKH. We create value by tackling large-scale projects and by taking a citizen-centric approach to helping public and private organizations innovate, grow, and streamline existing processes. Our longstanding partnership with IBM and our knowledge of Open-Source technologies has allowed us to complete significant ICT work for local and international organizations. The IKH Luxembourg office is responsible for soliciting work from EU institutions.

IKH is organized into three units: Digital Government, Digital Health, and Robotics. In the field of Digital Health, ΙΚΗ exclusively develops and distribute the certified clinical software Evorad®, our comprehensive RIS / PACS / WORKSTATION suite that covers all the software needs of a radiology department. Evorad®, with over 35 installations in Greece and abroad, has become the premier PACS solution of Greek public hospitals, used not only to process thousands of examinations per day, but also as the main teaching tools in medical schools and university hospitals. Evorad® is CE marked as a Class IIa medical device. Other of our business projects in Digital Health include the development and operation of the Business Intelligence (BI) system for the Ministry of Health and the COVID-19 Reporting system to the Office of the Prime Minister


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