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Level Up - LEVEraging knowLedge of training providers in UPskilling and reskilling of SMEs’ managers and employees towards empowering their digital transformation

Level Up

Grant Agreement Number: 101100679

Funded by: DIGITAL EUROPE  Duration: 01/01/2023 - 31/12/2025 

Lelvel Up aims to empower the labor force of European SMEs in digital competencies, through the development and provision of short-term training courses focusing on the following key capacity areas: Cybersecurity, Data Literacy, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, microelectronics/microcontrollers, Internet of Things, 3D printing and 3D modelling, cloud and programming.

Level Up will be developing industry-oriented and cutting-edge training courses for SMEs, business leaders, managers, employees, and job seekers, for the upskilling and reskilling in key capacity areas as mentioned above. Explore the Level Up Training Courses here

HDHC participates in all the project's activities, mainly focusing on the dissemination and broadcasting of the training courses.

Cyprus - GrantXpert Consulting Ltd (Coordinator)  
European University of Cyprus
Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Cyprus Information Technology Enterprises Association
Greece – JOIST Innovation Park
Hellenic Digital Health Cluster (HDHC)
Association of Thessalian Enterprises and Industries (STHEV)
Italy - Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci
Germany - Stackfuel
Finland - Prizztech

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