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Location: Athens | Date of establishment: 2015

Key Competences: Expertise in cancer supportive care, adaptability, commitment to proceed forward

MyCancer is a patient-centered and patient-driven platform, offering patients and their families comprehensive support in cancer care and prevention. Patients organize their files, record their symptoms in real time and in real world, and with one click communicate with their doctors.

Early reporting of patients’ symptoms leads to early diagnosis, and successful treatment. Furthermore, patients’ data, real world, and real time, increase the accuracy of clinical trials and map social/work/economic issues following cancer diagnosis to assist health care policy.

At MyCancer, users have access to a list of health care professionals and high-quality products.

MyCancer use can reduce the cost of cancer care, such as (a) the direct cost of toxicities, which are related to cancer therapies, (b) the indirect costs of supportive care, and (c) the added costs of inappropriate polypharmacy due to the lack of communication between the doctors. MyCancer offers Telemedicine to solve the problem of inadequate communication between doctors within the living place of each patient, outside the Cancer Center.

Treatment delays, outpatient medical workload, travels, emergency visits and risk for infection are also reduced.


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