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Location: Athens, Attica | Year of establishment: 2013

BIOEMTECH is a fast-growing Greek SME in the field of biomedical engineering, bridging the gap between ex vivo studies and in vivo molecular imaging by providing solutions in terms of instrumentation and services. The company designs and develops benchtop molecular imaging systems and provides imaging services for the preclinical evaluation of nanoparticles and other novel compounds. In addition, BIOEMTECH offers unique expertise in terms of advanced simulations at multiscale level, Artificial Intelligence algorithms and exploitation of realistic computational models. BIOEMTECH laboratories, provide preclinical services that cover a wide range of studies, from an in vitro level, to radiochemistry, animal hosting, toxicology and multi-modal in vivo imaging (SPECT, PET, CT and Optical). 

BIOEMTECH is a multidisciplinary team of 15 young scientists with strong background in biomedical engineering, medical physics, bioinformatics, radiochemistry, biology and nanomedicine. The company was founded in 2013 and up to now participated in 8 H2020, 4 ERANET, 1 FF4EuroHPC, 1 COST and 3 NSRF funded research projects and is official member in ETPN, OpenGATE and EARA networks.


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