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Location: Athens | Date of establishment: 2002

Key Competences: Healthcare Compliance, GDPR, Intellectual Property & Patents, Cybersecurity, Bioethics, Litigation

Life Sciences is at the forefront of improving our quality of life through innovation.

For the last 20+ years we have been safeguarding our clients’ interests and proactively maximize their business value, through a mix of legal expertise, acute scientific understanding, and business awareness; our goal is to assist life sciences companies and entrepreneurs at all stages of their commercial development. Industry specific transactional and regulatory proficiency combined with extensive in-house experience earned from working for leading multinational and Greek healthcare companies help our clients navigate the complex legal frameworks ruling medical devices, pharmaceutical compounds, cosmetics and nutritional products. Product development, protection, circulation, pricing, as well as participation to public tenders, antitrust & parallel trade, patent protection, biotechnologies, artificial intelligence, privacy, veterinary, FDA and pesticides marketing practices, reimbursement, consumer law, malpractice, product liability, licensing and antibribery/global compliance are issues we deal with on a daily basis.


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