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Location: Thessaloniki, Greece | Date of establishment: 2002

Competences: Digital health, Clinical decision support, Business process automation, Expert systems

Ergobyte is a dynamic, innovative digital health company that develops software to simplify the delivery of care, drive down costs and increase automation. Its cutting-edge technology enables healthcare providers to make informed decisions and streamline their processes, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

The company's portfolio of commercial products assists health professionals at the point of care. The following solutions constitute Ergobyte’s flagship product line.

  •, the leading online pharmaceutical knowledge base in Greece
  • RxReasoner, an AI-powered service that recommends suitable medications based on patient’s medical conditions and cross-checks them for adverse reactions
  • DataLife HIS, a modular, cloud-based hospital information system customized for psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation centers
  • Galen Office, a fully featured electronic medical record and practice management system

Being an outward-looking company, Ergobyte attaches importance to research and development activities and has participated in many national and EC funded projects. Over the last years, Ergobyte has devoted its research efforts to design and develop intelligent systems that imitate human thinking.  This has resulted in several notable achievements, including:

Clinical decision support: Ergobyte has developed a cutting-edge inference engine which, combined with a rich semantic pharmaceutical knowledge, is able to offer medication recommendations for specific patient cases.

Healthcare process automation: Ergobyte employs BPMN, a low-code notation for business modeling, to author workflows with high flexibility and execution visibility. At critical workflow junctions, machine learning is utilized to lessen the number of human-driven tasks.

Ergobyte’s dedication to advancing the field of digital health is a key factor in its success. The team’s focus on innovation, emerging technologies and trends, enables the creation of state-of-the-art solutions that address the ever-changing needs of healthcare providers and patients.


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