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    collaborate health

Location: Pallini, Attika Year of establishment: 2019

Competences: EHR; Patients’ Health management; Diseases management & Collaboration tool for Health Care Providers, Clinics, Doctors, Hospitals, Research Organizations; Facilitation of scientific research and clinical trials.

Collaborate Health Cloud, a Patient Management & Collaboration Platform helps HCPs in the effective prevention, management, and treatment of patient cases through smart, intuitive and collaborative electronic health records.

HCPs in clinics, hospitals and private practices office as well as researchers are able to easily enter and retain patients’ health history and data, keep them updated and elaborate on specific diseases, through specialized health cards and tools.

Medical, clinical, lifestyle and health conditions real world data are easily retrieved by integrating our Electronic Health Records (EHR) feature with other sources of data, such as wearable devices and specialized multiomics diagnostics systems. This enables the collection and aggregation of multiple data points about a patient's health, as well as the ability to gather feedback and insights from the patient himself.

The precise health information and additional embedded risk stratification tools, enables better prioritization, prevention, management and treatment of acute cases or Chronic Diseases.

The platform supports care team collaboration among physicians ( within the same or various clinics or external private practice office and between several doctors specialties), as they can easily invite each other to collaborate on the patient’s case and make  holistic and more informed decisions through collaborative clinical reasoning directly on the patient’s full records, that they can share instantly even in urgent cases.

The additional patient portal app, designed to streamline patient follow-up & care team coordination during rehabilitation, is a communication tool that allows patients and physicians to stay connected after hospital discharge as well as between their visits in outpatient hospital departments or private practices. The patients’ portal app is built to facilitate engagement, personalized, insightful, data-driven, automated, and collaborative patients’ engagement.

The platform’s qualitative and precise information records, provide Real World Data, thus is also used by Physicians, Clinic, CROs and Research institutes for clinical research.


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