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11 July 2024 -
11 July 2024

ethosEVENTS in collaboration with: Pharma & Health Business Magazine, health information website

15th Pharma & Health Conference | phco24 | 11.07.2024

"Greece’s NHS at a critical crossroads"


Greece’s NHS has been at a critical crossroads for the last 40 years. Studies by Greek and foreign experts have shown that there is a need for administrative and organizational restructuring in order to improve system efficiency and, consequently, the level of services enjoyed by citizens.

This will be the key theme of the 15th Pharma & Health Conference #phco24 which will take place on 11th July 2024. The conference is being organised by ethosEVENTS in collaboration with the health information website "" and the health policy magazine "Pharma & Health Business".

It wοuld be possible to attend the conference either in person at the Divani Caravel Hotel or online through the LiveOn Expo Complex, LiveOn’s innovative 3D exhibition and conference centre, the Digital Platform for Business Communication and Events.

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