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    Hellenic Digital Health Cluster

Hellenic Digital Health Cluster (HDHC) is the new dynamic initiative of FORTH and 20 Greek companies, which aspires to include Greece among the leading countries in the field of digital health worldwide. HDHC was founded in Athens on March 30 2021.

This cluster is an initiative of FORTH and its implementation is done by Center for eHealth Applications and Services of the Institute of Computer Science and PRAXI Network of FORTH.

HDHC brings together the most important businesses and organizations in the field of digital health in Greece aiming at their further development, strengthening their potential for innovation and their extroversion. The vision of the company is the strengthening of the Greek Digital Health ecosystem, so that Greece can be included, within the next 10 years, among the dominant countries in the field of digital health internationally.


HDHC includes FORTH and 20 innovative and dynamic companies:


·         Athens Eye Hospital


·         CAPEMED

·         Cognitive Innovations


·         E TRIKALA

·         EYE PCR

·         Gnomon Informatics

·         HEALTHINK

·         HERADO

·         IKNOWHOW

·         JOIST


·         MICRO'S LEADER

·         NEUROLINGO


·         PRIME MD

·         REA Hospital

·         Sibasoft



HDHC’s main objectives are:

1. Fostering cooperation, development of synergies and complementary partnerships among its members

2. Networking among key stakeholders in the field of digital health at national level

3. Connection of its members with Greek and international financial institutions and investors

4. Collaboration with national and international clusters and organizations active in the field of digital health

5. Fostering collaborations between Greek and foreign organizations in the field of digital health

6. Development and promotion of strategy to national authorities with a view to institutional strengthening and increased resources for the digital health ecosystem


The main services offered by HDHC to its members and the wider Greek ecosystem include:


 Organizing meetings and events for networking at national level.

• Promoting the participation of its members in national and international research and technological development projects.

• Support the collaboration with research laboratories owning mature and commercially viable research results.


• Highlighting and promoting the business and research activities of the members at national and international level.

• Development and dissemination of publications and entries in press and health-related media.


• Organizing business missions and participating in international business / technology meetings.

• Organizing trainings to increase the innovative potential of members and other participants.


• Preparation of studies and provision of consulting services in relation to the digital health sector, in Greece and abroad.

• Participation in national, international tenders and R&D calls.


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