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Location: Athens | Date of establishment: 1986

Key Competences: Data Integration, Advanced Analytics, Data visualization, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

For over 30+ years, PREDICTA has been promoting the use of Advanced Analytics – Advanced Statistics, Data Mining, Machine Learning techniques – to exploit any kind of available data, to uncover hidden information, to be used to predict future events and optimize decision making. Within this specialization, the concept of “Customer Success” prevails PREDICTA’s engagement with its customers, ensuring that Required Outcomes are achieved, throughout an appropriate implementation experience, leading to continuous Analytical Assets’ development and utilization.

PREDICTA’s long standing expertise in the design and implementation of Advanced Analytics projects for private and public organization in Greece and abroad, warranties its valuable contribution in any partnership formed to support the four impact areas of the strategic plan of the HORIZON EUROPE HEALTH program: 

  • Good health and high-quality accessible health care
  • A resilient EU prepared for emerging threats
  • High quality digital services for all
  • A competitive and secure Data Economy

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