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Location: Nea Penteli, Athens | Date of establishment: 3/2/2022

Competences: Deep knowledge of psychiatry field in combination with digital solutions

Mental Health Solutions is a partner of Monsenso A/S, and has developed the greek scalable version, cloud-based, mHealth digital solution for mental health. The solution is a CE-marked, Class 1 Medical Device that holds the TGA Certification and Cyber Essentials Certification. It captures real-world health data from smartphones and wearables, empowering patient-centric care. RWD can enable the early intervention, and facilitate disease management and treatment while empowering patients to be more active. Solution enables data-driven treatment, contributes to the opportunity to create a significant advance toward better quality and coverage for mental health by providing patients, carers and experts with a scalable digital tool that allow them to be more active, aware and independent. The Solution has entered Germany’s Diga for patients with bipolar disorder.

Company participates as a supplier in the 'Digital MME Tools' program of Greece 2.0 2022, with the first digital mental health tool. We have participated at the WPA 2022 Congress on Early Intervention in Psychiatry in collaboration with Monsenso in Athens. We have completed our first implementation of digital solution in a greek psychiatric clinic.

Mental Health Solutions is guided by experts in the psychiatry field, which ensures that all products are tailored to individuals and the wider market they serve. Company’s goal is to help provide better mental health care to more people at a lower cost through a digital health solution based on real-time data and analytics. Mental Health Solutions cooperates with insurance companies, private/public health providers, research institutions and pharma.


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