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3 May 2023 -
3 May 2023

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"Health innovation: Value, barriers and exciting prospects"

Over recent years, exciting developments in genetics and major technological progress, culminating in the introduction of next generation sequencing (NGS) for DNA have opened up previously uncharted avenues for understanding the genetics not only of cancer but also of other diseases, allowing the development of new diagnosis and treatment methods.

Experts also term this as Precision Medicine or Personalized Medicine. Thanks to advanced diagnostic tools (biomarkers), doctors are searching for the genetic mutations responsible in tumors and then administering revolutionary targeted treatments aimed precisely at the said mutations.

All these innovative applications of precision medicine will be discussed at the Health Innovation Conference 2023 which will be held physical at the Divani Caravel Hotel and digital through LiveOn, the integrated platform for Digital Communication and Events, and its innovative 3D exposition and conference center LiveOn Expo Complex. The conference is being organized by ethosEVENTS in partnership with the health information portal and health policy magazine Pharma & Health Business.

Coordinator of the conference will be Mr. Emilios Negis, journalist and editor of Pharma & Health Business and


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